Breathing Exercises for
Stress Reduction and Relaxation

This page discusses breathing exercises. These can be used for stress reduction and relaxation.

With people more stressed out than ever before, people are taking it into their own hands to seek out and find techniques that, when used properly, can really help to reduce stress in their own lives.

This means that they are going through a lot of different literature and sources, some of which are likely presenting conflicting information to them.

So if you want to know some simple stress reduction techniques that no one disputes the efficacy of read on and learn about these three exercises:

  • Deep Breathing, for relaxation – This is a great situational technique, that can be applied when and wherever, if you feel that you are beginning to become overwhelmed by stress. Just stop everything that you are doing, and draw a few deep breaths in, through your nose. Hold your breath, and then breathe out slowly through your mouth. What you’re actually doing is attempting to arrest your natural reaction to breathe shallowly and rapidly, and hopefully stop your body from displaying the other reactions to stress.

  • Breathing from your abdomen – Another valuable breathing exercise you can engage in is diaphragm breathing. This is best practiced daily, by setting aside a bit of time to practice on it. Sit down in a chair, in a completely relaxed posture. You place one hand in the middle of your chest and the other in the middle of your stomach. The goal is to expand your stomach during inhalation and relax when you exhale.

  • Meditation breathing – A more advanced exercise involves this advanced application of abdominal breathing. Sitting in a chair, make sure to keep your back straight and shoulders square. Begin normal abdominal breathing, but stay focused mentally and shut out thoughts of all outside sources.

All three of these stress relieving exercises are great ideas for any person to develop proficiency in. There are many more, but learning the first three give you a solid basis to progress from to learn even more efficient techniques in the future. Keeping stress levels low is essential to keeping yourself in good health, and is important for everyone to achieve.

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