About Me:

My name is David Shedd and my life has been changed my mental illness since around 1997.

The keys to my successful maintenance and recovery include staying on prescribed medication, creating and maintaining a great emotional support system, knowing when to ask for help, and my faith in God.

I currently work full-time and this job helps me to feel productive and feel like I am contributing to the local community. Despite the stresses of the job, I feel very blessed to be employed and earn an income. 

I have come to know that sometimes I need to talk about issues that come up in my life. It sounds basic, but there have been times in my life when I didn't see the importance of talking about the struggles I've faced. Psychotherapy has been a great tool for helping me to work through some difficult and challenging issues.

I have found that routines in my daily life have been very helpful to staying healthy. Morning routines and bedtime routines, which may include taking prescribed medication can be essential to effective self-care.

It is my belief that people with mental illness can achieve the same things that others without an illness can achieve. Treatment and maintenance of a mental illness can be successful and the prognosis doesn't always have to mean that the person won't be able to achieve or contribute to society.

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